What’s all this then?

Mulbert lives in the North of Scotland, has five lovely children and a fabulous wife (the maker of said children), three cats, one Jack Russell and six chickens. He reads Private Eye to fuel his prejudice, and history (the details of which he instantly forgets) for his leisure.

You can hire him to entertain your guests at adult parties, festivals, dinners and banquets. For an additional fee he’ll even write something specific for you to celebrate an occasion, a milestone or the launch of a new product. Put bluntly there’s not much he won’t do for a fat fee in spite of his egalitarian principles.

Mulbert’s Manifesto

Mulbert’s revolting and egalitarian
Religiously speaking he’s Agnostifarian
Reporting humanity’s foibles and quirks
Exposing where research stupidity lurks
He fights for the rights of the sexually oppressed
And good British ramblers a touch under dressed
He longs for a world where more sharing of treasure
Is matched by more caution in exotic self pleasure
So if you have a problem he’ll have the solution
In his new world order, post revolution.

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