Tax Evadance!

A new poem for any “non-doms” out there. In our family that means anyone who is not my eldest brother Dom, who coincidentally is domiciled overseas on account of him not living in this country, as opposed to those who live here but pretend they don’t.

Tax Evadance

Lord Evelyn Dance of Anywhere,
You’re neither here and rarely there.
Your property portfolio’s healthy,
A house in Mayfair; two in Chelsea.

And overseas you are the owner
Of villas close to Barcelona,
A vineyard somewhere near Bordeaux,
And in Provence a small chateau.

Your yacht is moored in Monaco,
Though truthfully you seldom go,
(For business keeps you here at home),
Despite your wealth and right to roam.

You mix with movers and with shakers,
Invite them to your Highland acres,
For shooting deer and grouse and pheasant.
Your life is tolerably pleasant.

But I don’t envy you one bit,
(As you don’t envy me my wit),
For it must drive you fearful wild,
Not knowing where you’re domiciled.

Your vagueness as to your location,
Minimizes your taxation.
The taxman seems to lack the will to
Ask which house to send your bill to.

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