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Feel Free To Use My Organs

When I am dead as dead can be, like Betamax and faxes
Like dinosaurs and dodo birds, like quills and sealing waxes
Feel free to use my organs if they can be of use
But be sure to check my liver; it has suffered some abuse.

My heart was broken only once it may still pump some blood
My brain is entertaining but my memory’s a dud
You’re welcome to my pancreas (whatever that is for)
And likewise my appendix I won’t need it any more.

Although I have no donor card (despising paperwork)
Feel free to take my organs with a scalpel or a dirk
Or if you are a gardener you could use a garden pruner
But only when I’m quite extinct, and not a second sooner.

Feel free to use my corneas to give the gift of sight
My hair could make a lovely wig for going out at night
To make some snazzy moccasins do utilise my skin
But please make absolutely sure that I’m no longer in.

Feel free to use my organs if I am entirely dead
But if there’s any doubt please give me CPR instead.